Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations ( aka Dynamics 365 Unified Operations) combines four major modules of Microsoft Dynamics ERP application.  In other words,  Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a bundle of Dynamics 365 applications that are previously known as Microsoft Dynamics ERP including Retail Management, Talent, Finance, and Supply Chain Management in Dynamics 365.  Microsoft restructured its Dynamics 365 licensing plans and split Dynamics 365 Unified Operations into the four individual modules. This plan has been recently updated in Oc tober 1, 2019, and is being used as a significant application for multiple businesses all over the globe.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

The following are the 4 ERP applications included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Unified Operations application suite.1. Dynamics 365 for Retail2. Dynamics 365 for Finance3. Dynamics 365 for Talent4. Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management Image result for dynamics 365 ERP applications Let’s have a look at each of these applications in detail.

1. Dynamics 365 for Retail

Dynamics 365 for Retail delivers your customers personalized and seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels on a single platform. There are multiple benefits and features concerning the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Retail to meet industry needs and standards.Build Brand Loyalty by providing excellent service to the customers. Moreover, with proper tools and connected ordering facilities, you can offer choices and convenience to all your customers for better services. With the use of a single application, you can easily manage all your employee’s activities, stocks, finances, and reports. The data provides proper insights to the employees for better decisions based on the data. Strategic planning is a must when it comes to offering the right products at the right time and price. With the use of advanced technology, such as machine learning, you can make the best and the most accurate decision.

2. Dynamics 365 for Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance helps you to manage and optimize your global financial operations. With better insights, statistical analysis, you can monitor all the activities and make decisions for business growth.You can integrate specific Microsoft tools such as Office 365 and conduct predictive analysis to get better insights on the financial capabilities of your business. Furthermore, with the use of Office 365, you can easily customize documents and invoices according to your business needs. The constant change in global financial requirements needs more flexible and guided decisions with the use of e-invoice and other reporting formats.

3. Dynamics 365 for Talent

Dynamics 365 Talent helps organizations and HR’s to hire the right candidate and bring candidates on board for better results. It provides businesses with the tools they need to manage candidates and retain the best in the industry.Microsoft dynamics 365 Unified Operations FO Talent featuersWith the use of Office 365 and LinkedIn, you can attract as many talented candidates to grow your business. Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Talent uses the capabilities of the Microsoft cloud to store the data and keeps the information secure and connected at all times. You no longer have to worry about tracking the candidate’s applications and carrying out the process manually. With this intelligent system, from employment tracking to employee on-boarding, everything has been taken care of.The Dynamics 365 application helps to track all your employee’s accomplishments and record feedback from managers to reward high performers based on their performance. Further, get global identification of your organization with employee verification, local accommodation reports, and proper health and safety measures.

4. Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 SCM is another part of Unified Operations that have been recently added by Microsoft for the greater good. Well, you can now transform all your manufacturing and supply chain operations through this application. Explore different sections of the supply chain using intelligent solutions and manufacturing processes.Microsoft-dynamics-365-fo-erp-unified-operations-scm-supply-chain-management Furthermore, optimize the production performance with the help of IoT driven insights and make smart decisions with the real-time view of the entire production. Along with the use of predictive maintenance, you can make adequate plans and maintain your company’s assets. With a modernized solution to Warehouse Management, you can get the complete visibility of your stocks and operations being carried out. In addition to this, get a comprehensive view of your supply chain and improve overall productivity using a Mobile Application.

Why Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O ?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a crucial element when it comes to business growth in terms of providing the perfect set of tools. Such as, for retail management, hiring the right candidate, and managing all the finances of your business.The main reasons for implementing Dynamics 365 to your business activities are as follows:
  1. Accessibility and Flexibility to use the application remotely
  2. Integration with Microsoft tools such as Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud
  3. Engaging your customers with the best interface and offers
  4. Provides your employees with better insights to make accurate decisions
  5. Hiring better talents using the most advanced tool using Linkedin and Office 365.
  6. Real-time analysis with free updates.
Microsoft has introduced Unified Operations to help businesses pick out an option and choose all the individual applications for greater benefit  All these applications are available individually based on your organizational needs.

How Dynamics 365 for F&O Can help your business?

Recently Microsoft has come up with a change in the Dynamics 365 FO package, split into Dynamics 365 for Finance and Dynamics 365 for SCM( Supply Chain Management).Unify global financials and operations to empower people to make fast, informed decisions. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps businesses adapt quickly to changing market demands and drive business growth. Unify global financials and operations to empower people to make fast, informed decisions. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps businesses adapt quickly to changing market demands and drive business growth.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations ( F&O)

Increasing Profitability:Drive margin revenue growth with a centralized, global financial management solution that delivers robust financial intelligence and embedded analytics in real-time. Empower employees with role-based workspaces that provide intelligent automation, task prioritization, and integration with Office 365 applications to maximize efficiency for the superior business outcome.Reduce Operational Expense:Minimize operational costs across business geographies with financial process automation, encumbrance, budget planning, budget control, and three-way matching. Adjust to changing financial requirements with a flexible, guided, rules-based chart of accounts, dimensions, and global tax engine. Efficiently track values and reduce reporting errors with centralized, automated processes for managing your capitalized assets from acquisition through disposal. Run smarter with connected operations. Reduce procurement costs and gain greater control by automating procure-to-pay processes.Increase Quality and Customer Satisfaction:Improve product quality by identifying and resolving issues through real-time insights and predictive intelligence. Automate and streamline your supply chain Optimise fulfillment and reduce costs by synchronizing logistics across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes. Enable faster response to customer demand by automating seamless coordination of order-to-cash processes. Optimize the flow of manufacturing material and finished goods with advanced warehouse and logistics managementUnify Process from Sales to Fulfilment:Seamlessly connect sales and purchasing with logistics, production, and warehouse management for a 360-degree view of your supply chain.If you are looking for any help on Dynamics 365 FO feel free to reach out to us on [email protected]