Calculated And Roll up Fields

  • In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, two new field types are added – Calculated Fieldsand Rollup Fields.
  • These field types making it much easier to automate calculations and special processes – which previously might have required manual calculations or JavaScript – without writing a single line of code!

Use Calculated Fields

Calculated Fields are used to set calculated values which needs a formulae, all without using any code.

Select Field type as ‘Calculated’ and Click ‘Edit’ to create a field.

Note: Once ‘Data Type’ and ‘Field Types’ values are set, you can change the same.


Practise: set Expiry Date using Calculated Field

Scenario: Once a date is selected on ‘Start Date’ field, set the ‘Expiry Date’ with a date one year from today.


  • Create a Calculated field ‘Expiry Date’
  • Check Condition, if Start Date ‘Contains Data’.
  • Set Expiry Date = ADDYEARS( 1, startDate).


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