DevOps – Chef Fundamentals Course

Course Objective – Chef Fundamentals Course

Learn what it means to turn infrastructure into code so that you can automate the configuration, deployment and management of your servers.You’ll also learn about Chef Architecture and the set of tools included in the Chef Development Kit (ChefDK). Finally, we’ll show you how to test your infrastructure code so that you can deploy with confidence.

About Chef: Chef is an infrastructure as code DevOps automation tool. Chef allows you to build reusable recipes to deploy in your environment. These recipes are known as tasks and are assigned to put your environment in a specific state. We use these tasks to install packages, update configuration files, and lots more.

In a typical installation, a team would commit code to their existing source control system. A continuous integration server would then compile the code and run unit tests. The last step of the build process would be to bundle the binaries, content files and configuration files into a package that is ready to be deployed. Chef is then designed to deploy this package, and promote it between environments.

Course Duration:

3 Days

Prerequisite Skills

  • Basic understanding of Linux/Unix system concepts
  • Familiarity with Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Familiarity with a Text Editor
  • Experience with managing systems/applications/infrastructure or with deployments/automation

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Chef
  • Chef Installation and Configuration
  • Chef Management
  • Chef Language
  • Bootstrapping Client
  • Deploying Chef Code
  • Chef Cookbooks
  • Additional Tools

Day wise breakup of the course
Day 1
Introduction to Chef

  • Configuration Management
  • Introduction to Chef
  • Chef Enterprise Stack

Installation and Configuration

  • Chef Workstation Installation and Configuration Chef server
  • Installation and configuration
  • Chef node concept

Chef Management

  • Chef workstation and chef server communication

Day 2
Chef Language

  • Resources
  • Recipe


  • Metaparameters
  • Berkshelf
  • Test Kitchen
  • Runlists
  • Chef client
  • Knife
  • Chef Utility
  • Ohai

Bootstrapping Client
Deploying Chef Code

  • Writing Chef Code
  • Testing Chef Code
  • Running Chef Code

Day 3
Chef Cookbooks

  • Creating Cookbooks
  • Chef Supermarket
  • Chef Console
  • Chef Monitoring

Additional Tools

  • Chef Analytics overview
  • Variable Templates


  • NTP through chef
  • User & Group Management
  • Setting up and configuring Apache through chef

Trainer Profile

The trainer for this course has 12 years of experience in the IT industry.He is a reliable and an effective knowledge partner in the area of DevOps.He provides consulting services to global organizations, delivering quality training programs and enabling certifications for all individuals who are seeking an excellent career growth in the present IT Industry.

For training inquiries please mail to [email protected] or call +91  8008 048 446.

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