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  • Workflows are tools which allow to automate your business processes.
  • Workflows provide further utility in that they often act as an alternative to building a custom plug-ins.
  • Normal business users can implement business logic without writing code.

When compared to Plugins only a limited number of operations can be done using Workflows.

When to Use Workflows?

  • Changes in the business logic must be performed by people who are not developers
  • You need the ability to let users apply your workflow logic manually.
  • With workflow processes, users can trigger the processing of workflow rules by clicking Run Workflow on the form or from a grid.
  • Workflows can be initiated manually, or they can be initiated automatically, in a number of different ways

Create A New Workflow  – Asyn WF

  • Scenario: When an Account entity record is created, the Account is assigned to a User.
  • Once it is assigned to a User, an e-mail will automatically be sent to the User notifying them towards their new ownership of the Account.
  • The e-mail will contain a recorded URL.

Dynamic Workflow

Create A New Workflow…

  1. The workflow will activate as a Process.
  2. Workflow Scope is set to Organization. Workflow is set to run whenever a record is created in the Account entity.
  3. Assign the account to a specific User.
  4. Send E-mail with URL link to Account, via new e-mail creation (see image below)

Stop Workflow with a status of Success

Dynamic CRM Create a New Workflow

Email Template to send the mail

Map the fields in the email using Dynamic Values.

Dynamic CRM Workflow Email Template

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