Customize CRM Sitemap using Sitemap Editor | XRM Toolbox | Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement(CRM)

  • Site map in Dynamics CRM defines the primary navigational structure found along the left side of CRM user interface.
  • CRM Site map is configurable, and the navigation options can be modified by editing the site map XML when exported in a solution.

Dynamic CRM Customize CRM Sitemap

Customize CRM Sitemap using Sitemap Editor | XRM Toolbox | Dynamics 365 CRM video

Customize Sitemap Scenario

  • You can also affect site map behaviour using CRM security roles.
  • Scenario: Your organization uses CRM for sales and marketing, but does not use it for service. By editing the site map, you can remove all navigational options to any service-related resources like the case form.

Dynamic CRM Customize CRM sitemap Scenario

Why you need to customize Sitemap?

  • Add/remove options to CRM functionality and navigation.
  • Add/remove default CRM areas/subareas (like sales or service etc)
  • Send user to external application
  • Link a site map option to a view
  • Open a web resource

How to customize the Sitemap

We can customize the sitemap in different ways:

  • By editing the site map XML when exported in a solution.
  • By using a 3rd party tool such as Sitemap Editor.

customize the sitemap How to Customize the sitemap

Customize Sitemap by Editing Sitemap XML

Steps Involved:

  • Create a new solution OR use default solution
  • Navigate to Client Extensions and Add Site Map to the solution, and export.
  • Extract the solution to local folder.
  • Modify the customizations.xml and Save.
  • Import the updated solution back and Publish.

Add Sitemap to the Solution

  • Create a Solution.
  • Navigate to Client Extensions -> Sitemap
  • Add Sitemap to the Solution.
  • Export

Add Sitemap to the Solution

Edit the customizations.xml

  • Extract the Solution.
  • Open Customizations.xml and edit the tags.
  • Add new Areas, edit existing one.
  • Save the solution.
  • Import solution back to CRM and publish.

Edit the customizations.xml

Customize Sitemap using Sitemap Editor

The major tool that we use to customize sitemap is Sitemap Editor

Steps Involved:

  • Download XrmToolBox, extract and run.
  • Select Sitemap editor Plugin.
  • Connect to CRM Organization.
  • Modify the sitemap.
  • Click Update Sitemap to publish.

Connect to CRM Server

Connect Sitemap Editor Plugin to CRM Server.

  • CRM On-Premise
  • CRM Online

Connect to CRM Server

Add/ Edit Navigation Components

  • Add new Areas
  • Add New Navigation Groups
  • Add New Sub-areas.

Add/ Edit Navigation Components

Update Sitemap

Click Update Sitemap to publish the changes

Dynamic CRM-Update Sitemap

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