How To Create Solutions In Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

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What is a Solution?

A solution is a mechanism to transport your customization from one Dynamics 365 CE environment to the other. Once you done the customization using UI and code you need to transport to target system and solution help you in that situation.

When a solution is used?

Solutions are used when you want to migrate your customization from one Dynamics 365 CE enviroment to the other. For example, from the customization you have done on the development server to the product server.

What are the types of Solutions

There are mainly 3 types of solutions in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement:

1. Default Solution

2. Managed Solution

3. Un-managed Solution

What is the difference between managed and un-managed solution?

Managed Solution – The content in managed solution cannot edited, they are like an .exe file which we cannot edit. We can just install and uninstall the manged solution when needed. When you install, you can make use of the functionality included in the solution. Managed solutions are used in productions.

Un-managed Solution – The content in an un-managed solution is editable by another developer or admin if needed, These type of solutions are used in situation when you want to deploy your changes to a development or testing environment and not production. Or to hand over your work when you are going on a vacation.

What is a Solution publisher?

When you create a solution, managed or un-managed, you need to select a publisher record to it. The solution publisher indicates who published the solution or who done the customization included in that particular solution.

When a new solution is required

How to create a solution?

The following video explains the basics of solution, managed Vs un-managed solution. Also walk you through how to create solutions from scratch, add components to a solution and perform import/export operations.