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In this article on Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) 2016, I will explain how to register Plugins using Plugin registration tool step by step. In the last article, we discussed developing a simple plugin. Once you have completed developing your plugin the next step is to register to register the plugin DLL with Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) application.

Plugin Registration in Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) 2016

Plugin registration is the process of integrating your plugin code with Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) server so that you can extend the standard behavior of Customer Engagement(CRM) application. Once you compile your plugin code in Visual Studio editor you will get the assembly file( pluginname.dll). This assembly can be integrated with Customer Engagement(CRM) application in different ways.

Different ways to Register Plugin with Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) 2016

Using Tools: There exist some free tools using which you can register plugins. The most common one is Plugin Registration tool developed Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) community. We will explain how to Plugin registration tool in this article
Using Solution: Yes you add the plugin assembly and plugin steps into a solution and register in the target Customer Engagement(CRM) environment.  Programmatically: Writing code you can register your plugin with Customer Engagement(CRM) application.

Plugin Registration Tool

  • It can be used to register plug-ins and custom workflow activities with Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM).
  • Plug-ins and custom workflow activities can only be registered in the sandbox (isolation mode) of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) Online.

Here we have attached a video which talks about the entire process of registering a plugin assembly with Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) 2016 application.

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