Interactive Dashboards in Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) 2016


Interactive Dashboards in Dynamics CRM 2016

Interactive Dashboard is a new type of Dashboard added in Dynamics CRM 2016 which is meant to use on Interactive Service Hub, a new feature added in CRM 2016. Interactive Service Hub is a one stop place for service desk agents to manage all their tasks. Not many businesses started using this feature and it seems like Microsoft is testing one new tool for service desk organizations.

In this article we will talk about the basics of Interactive Dashboards in Dynamics CRM 2016, its components and how to use to them in Interactive Service Hub.

A video attached explains about Interactive dashboard.

  •  For Account and User Entities Hierarchy Settings are enabled by default.
  •  Same can be achieved in other entities as well.
  •  Need to create a new 1:N self referential relationship for the entity and make the relationship as Hierarchical

Configure Hierarchy Settings

  • Create a new Hierarchy settings record where select
  • Default Quick View Form
  • Hierarchy Relationship

Interactive Dashboards

  •  Interactive Dashboards mean to display in Interactive Service hub, a new featured introduced in Dynamics CRM 2016.
  • For service reps, the interactive experience dashboards will become a one-stop workplace to view their workload information and take actions.
  • The interactive experience dashboards come in two flavours: multi-stream and single-stream. In addition, multi-stream dashboards can be home page or entity specific dashboards.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards can be the standard dashboard or entity specific.
Enable Interactive Dashboards

In order to create an Interactive experience Dashboard for a particular entity, it need to be enabled for the entity.

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