Dynamics 365 Implementation Services

Dynamics 365 Implementation Services

An effective Customer Relationship Management is an integral part of any organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) will provide you the comprehensive overview of your customer interactions an data in an easy and understandable manner so that you can take better decisions.

Major advantages of a CRM solution can be listed out as:

  • CRM will help you centralize your customer information
  • CRM will you better tracking of potential sales opportunities
  • CRM solutions provide improved communication services
  • CRM facilitates responsive customer service
  • By using CRM, you can automate your marketing interactions
  • CRM will also provide business intelligence


At Magnifez Technologies, our Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer Engagement(CRM) implementation team offer help in building an optimized Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution for your business. We will help right from analyzing your current business processes and business activities, implementing & customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM which is best for your organization and also to train your workforce for embracing the CRM system so as to use it for maximum efficiency.

Our implementation team with extensive CRM knowledge and expertise enables us to provide the best practices to you and come up with efficient Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions to your business environment which helps you, to boost the profitability level of each business activities, which ultimately improves marketing strategies, sales management, and productivity of your business or organization.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation services consist of:

  • The expert team will analyze your business processes & activities
  • Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM system according to your business environment
  • According to your business workflow our expert team will design the CRM system which is best suitable for your business environment
  • We provide Systems interfaces and integration services
  • 24/7 maintenance support for customer queries

Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation Methodology

Magnifez Technologies provides a complete cycle of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation Services to your organization. Implementing the right CRM System which is optimum for your organization is a significant step.


Our implementation team has considerable knowledge in various aspects of Microsoft Dynamics CRM enabling us to provide comprehensive help into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system functionality, processes, business application integration, and compatibility. They will analyze your organizations’ businesses processes and workflows and help you to implement the best CRM approach & the best CRM solution which suits your organizational needs.

We provide services like initial designing and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM according to your organizational needs to ensure efficient ,cost-effective and optimum operation of your CRM system within the stipulated time, customization and deployment of specific parameters into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution to meet your organization’s specific requirements, guidance and instructions to the users who are handling the system in order to equip them using the CRM solution in most efficiently, help in data migration from your legacy system to the newly implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution and also integration with other corporate systems.

Magnifez’ s implementation services

Our implementation team deliver efficient and user-friendly CRM implementations across the globe covering various areas of CRM services including Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Service implementations, System Integration, Web services API and Social Media Integration. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation team at Magnifez Technologies is sophisticated in designing, customizing and implementing an efficient Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution. With comprehensive proficiency in this area, we help you in designing, developing and implementing the optimum Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution for your business environment or organization.

Implementation Services

Magnifez provides implementation services. We do understand customer requirements and you would get an environment customized for your requirement to keep track of your customer data.

Our Dynamics 365 Implemenation serivce involves

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