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Roles & Responsibilities of SFDC Administrator:

The Administrator will be responsible for a variety of tasks, which include: providing individual and group trainings to non-technical members of staff; design, architecture, configuration, and administration of new and existing applications; designing roles ad permissions structures; creating and managing reports and customization needed by different departments.

Course Content:

1.CRM – Introduction

  • Introduction to CRM?
  • Why CRM?

2.Introduction to Cloud Computing &

  • Cloud Computing – Overview
  • What is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?
  • What is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)?
  • What is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)?
  • What is
  • Why
  • CRM Editions
  • Architecture & Navigation – Overview

3.Personal Setup

  • Managing Personal Information.
  • Company Information

4.Salesforce Users Administration

  • Creating Users
  • Creating Roles
  • Creating Profiles
  • Creating Permission Sets
  • Creating Groups

5.Salesforce Automation (SFA)

  • Build a custom Applications
  • Create custom Objects
  • Create custom Fields
  • Create custom Tabs and Types of Tabs
  • Define dependent Pick lists
  • Custom Buttons and Links.
  • Customize page layouts
  • Overview about External Data Source & External Objects

6.Discuss about Relationship Types

  • Master-detail Relationship
  • Look-up Relationship
  • Many-to-Many Relationship
  • Hierarchical Relationship
  • Self Relationship
  • External Look-up Relationship
  • Indirect Look-up Relationship

7.Standard SFDC Applications

  • Salesforce CRM Content
  • What is content management?
  • Why do we need to manage content
  • Salesforce Knowledge Management
  • Salesforce Mobile Administration
  • Sites Sales Cloud – Overview (with small project)

  • Leads Management
  • What is Lead and how to create lead?
  • How to convert Leads?
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities Management
  • Opportunity Products Management
  • Products Management
  • Price Book Management
  • Quote Management Marketing Cloud – Overview

  • Campaigns Management
  • What is Campaign?
  • How to create Campaign?
  • Leads
  • What is Lead?
  • Web-to-Lead & Lead Conversion.
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities Service Cloud – Overview

  • Cases Management
  • What is Case?
  • Email-to-Case & Web-to-Case
  • How to manage Cases and Queues?
  • Assignment Rules, Auto Response Rule and Escalation Rules · Solutions Management

11.Overview about the Workflow rules

  • Define workflow
  • Create Email templates
  • Set up workflow rules
  • Set up workflow actions

12.Overview about the Approval process

  • Plan approvals using workflow
  • Use the approval wizard – standard vs. jump start
  • Create workflow approvals

13.Customize formula-fields and Roll-up summary fields

14.Data Validation rules

15.Record types

  • What is Record type?
  • How to create Record type?
  • Managing Record types

16.Using Analytics

  • Create custom reports
  • Use advanced filters
  • Use conditional highlighting
  • Use custom summary formulas
  • Use dashboards and dynamic dashboards
  • Custom Report Types

17.Overview about the Data Utilities

  • Data Import Wizard Overview
  • Data Exporting Overview
  • Import and Export data using the Data Loader
  • Use mass delete
  • Use storage

18.Overview about the Security

  • Managing the Users
  • Set Organization-wide defaults
  • Object-level Security
  • Field-level Security
  • Record-level Security

19.Use Sharing Rules

  • Define Sharing rules
  • Discuss about types of sharing rules

20.How to monitoring our Organization

  • Debug logs and Email Logs
  • View Set up Audit Trail
  • Outbound messages
  • Schedule Jobs
  • Apex Jobs
  • Bulk Data Load Jobs

21.Overview about the AppExchange

  • How to install an AppExchange application.
  • Managing AppExchange
  • Delete an application

22.Salesforce Packages

  • Managed Package
  • Un Managed Package

23.Deployment Process

Inbound Change Sets
Outbound Change Sets

24.Overview about Sandbox and Production Environments

25.ADM201 and DEV401 Certification Practice Questions

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