Salesforce Development Online Training

Salesforce Development online training-magnifez technolgies ca;icut kochi banglour india

Roles & Responsibilities of SFDC Developer:

The Developer is responsible for designing, implementing, Customizing, testing, and deploying solutions for clients, using Apex Programming and Visualforce Pages.

Course Content:
1.Basics of Core Java

2.Apex Programming
·Introduction about
·About the Apex Programming.
·Access Modifiers And OPP’s Concepts
·About the Data types
·Creating the Apex Class.

3.SOQL and SOSL Queries.
·How to Write the SOQL Queries
·SOSL Queries.
·How to Write the SOSL Queries.

·Types of Triggers
·Trigger Events.
·Trigger Context variables
·Recursive Triggers
·Sample Trigger with Real time Scenarios

5.Salesforce Testing
·Different Types of Annotations
·Understanding the Testing Apex
·Test Classes
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6.Scheduler and Batch Apex
·Scheduler Apex
·Sample apex Scheduler with Real time scenarios.
·Batch Apex.
·Sample Batch Apex with Real time scenarios.

7.Custom Settings – Overview
·List Custom Settings
·Hierarchy Custom Settings

8.Dynamic Apex
·Dynamic SOQL
·Dynamic SOQL
·Dynamic DML

9.Deployment Process
·Inbound Change Sets
·Outbound Change Sets
·Data Migration Tool

10.Salesforce Packages
·Managed Package
·Un Managed Package

11.Visual force
·Tags used in Creating the Visual force Pages
·Sample Tags
·View State
·Sample Visual force pages

12.Customizing Visualforce Pages
·Creating fields, buttons in VF Pages
·Adding multiple colors to VF Pages

13.Interdiction of Controllers
·Standard Controller
·Custom Controller
·Controller Extension
·Real time Scenarios

14.Fields Sets Overview

15.Real time Scenario’s on Apex and VF Pages.

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