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Helps organizations with End-to-end Dynamics 365 Services.

A good Dynamics 365 partner can help businesses achieve maximum out of their Dynamics 365 implementations. From consulting to managed services, Magnifez is committed to help businesses in achieve their goals and get their return on investment. 

Dynamics 365 Services

Magnifez’s Dynamics 365 services span from consulting to implementation to migration and end-user support.

  • Dynamics 365 Consulting
  • Dynamics 365 Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Customization
  • Dynamics 365 Migration & Integration
  • Managed Services

Managed Services

With Magnifez’s managed-services, your business can avoid system downtime and ensure consistent productivity. You’ll receive on-demand support, access to a customer self-service portal, 24/7 customer support and on-demand system upgrades. You’ll have the flexibility to pay as you go or select a monthly package.

Managed-services include:

  • Application Management: Ticketing, triaging, routing and resolution; patch management; performance tuning; escalation, reporting, monitoring, trend analysis, preventative measures and inquiry response
  • Customization: Business automation, job schedule maintenance, system performance monitoring, statistics reporting, logging, authorization and implementation for change management, audit and implementation for security management, performance and routing back-ups, information management
  • Upgrades: Capacity planning and management, system upgrades, Dynamics 365 integration services with third party applications, data migrations
  • Consulting: Assistance with Dynamics 365 licensing, training sessions, advice on best practices.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Company India

Consulting Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform Consulting Services

Magnifez will audit your existing business operations by studying your processes, team structure and responsibilities, tools and software for internal use, industry and specific business challenges. 

You will receive the detailed actionable insights resulting from this audit. Magnifez will create personalized recommendations for your business to leverage pre-packaged or customized ERP and CRM software that Magnifez’s team of developers will design for your exact business needs. By working with Magnifez, you’ll receive the attention to detail that a small and medium business requires; by eliminating outdated processes and introducing optimal software, your business will be more time and cost efficient.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Services

As a Magnifez client you will benefit from Magnifez’s partnership with Microsoft and Zoho. When we provide your business with software, you will take advantage of our partner discount.

Magnifez has developed and perfected an effective process for configuring and seamlessly integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zoho products into existing business operations; so you can rest assured that your business will be able to continue regular operations throughout the optimization process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Company India

Dynamics 365 Customization & Development

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform Consulting Services

In addition to the pre-packaged solutions that you’re familiar with, Magnifez’s team of developers and expert consultants can advise on, design and build customizations to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zoho CRM and ERP software.

The benefit to your company includes leveraging advanced capabilities and fine-tuning your internal tools to your exact business needs, challenges and protocols. Adding Magnifez to your team will enable you to get more value out of your Dynamics 365 solutions, and ensure your team knows how to properly leverage their capabilities

Dynamics 365 Integration & Migration

When the tools and software within your company speak to each other, your employees, processes and daily operations can function at optimal efficiency.

Magnifez will integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your existing software, including legacy applications, Oracle ERP and SAP. Magnifez recognizes that your internal processes and data are vital to your business operations. We can migrate, update and clean your data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Zoho, Salesforce CRM, SAP and more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Company India

Dynamics 365 Products

Dynamics 365 CE
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