Sharepoint Online Training

Course Objective – Sharepoint

This course will help you master SharePoint 2016 / SharePoint Online and learn how to collaborate, manage & store documents with your organization. This SharePoint 2016 Course is meant for newbies who are not familiar with SharePoint and are looking to quickly enhance their skills to be able to use efficiently use SharePoint in their work environment and create custom business applications with SharePoint

Job Opportunities

Looking at the Sharepoint market forecast, it looks promising and the upward trend will keep progressing with time. Hence, the job trend or Market is not a short lived phenomenon as sharepoint is here to stay. Sharepoint has the potential to improve job prospects whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional. The average salary for big data analytic professionals in the non-managerial role is 8.5 lakhs INR, whilst managers can earn an average of whopping 16 lakhs.

Course Duration

Total duration: 27 hours

Detailed course content

Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Introduction to SharePoint 2016 /SharePoint Online Course
  • Create and Maintain Site Collection and Sites
  • Work with SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • Define Site Columns and Content Types based on you Business Needs
  • Automate Business Process by Using SharePoint Workflowsand Libraries.
  • Use SharePoint Search effectively

Module 2: Tour of SharePoint 2016 User Interface

  • SharePoint Site Structure used for the Course
  • Tour of SharePoint 2016/ SharePoint Online (O365) User Interface

Module 3: SharePoint Site Collections and Sites

  • Introduction to Site Collection and Sites
  • SharePoint 2016 / SharePoint Online (O365) Site Templates
  • Managing Security in SharePoint
  • Creating New Site in Sharepoint

Module 4: Working with SharePoint Lists

  • Part 1 – Introduction and Contacts List
  • Part 2 – Announcement Lists
  • Part 3 – Discussion Board
  • Part 4 – Links and Calendar Lists
  • Part 5 – Task and Issue Tracking
  • Part 6 – Survey List
  • Part 7 – List Customizations

Module 5: Working with SharePoint Libraries

  • Introduction to Document Library and Integration with Office Apps
    Document Library Operations – Document Versioning, Check in and Check out
  • Picture Library and other SharePoint Libraries

Module 6: SharePoint Pages and WebParts/AppParts

  • Adding Pages and Web Parts/App Parts to Pages

Module 7: SharePoint Workflows

  • Creating SharePoint Workflows

Trainer Profile

The trainer for this course has 9+ years experience in the IT industry. He has been working as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a certified Microsoft Office Master Instructor and has been teaching and consulting for more than 9 years.
For training inquiries please mail to [email protected] or call +91 8008 048 446.

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