Microsoft Power Platform

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a new application development platform using “native” developers can developer application by “no-code” or “less code”. The era of writing a lot of code to develop applications is gone. Now it is the era of ‘no-cod’ or ‘less code’.

Power Platform is considered as the evolved version of Dynamics 365.

Components of Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform combines the power of three platforms, namely Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate and PowerBi.


Using PowerApps, native developers can develop application easily using drag and drop functionality and using excel like formula.

Power Automate

Power automate ( previously known as Microsoft flow) allows to perform automate your repetitive tasks and light integration among multiple applications.

Power bi

Powerbi is the business intelligence platform to make beautiful and powerful reports and dashboards for your data sources.

How to make use of Power Platform

Microsoft power platform can be used to develop application quicker and faster. Using Power Bi you can reduce the total time you take to develop functioning business applications and the turn around time is less.


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