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I got a project to work on MS Dynamics CRM and in some situation was required third party support because of a difficult task it was very much to business needed… Then I got “Firoz Muhammed’ ” who helped me to success the project as it has some logical process behind the app.

Thanks, Firoz Muhammed – For making the project successful and his help was useful to both me and our company.

Syed Faisal
Syed Faisal

Dynamics 365 Customization

Dynamic 365 CustomizationThe way your organization works is unique. Some organizations have well-defined business processes that they apply using an app. Others aren’t happy with their current business processes and use a custom app or Customer Engagement apps to apply new data and processes to their business. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you’ll find a lot of app design and customization capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps so that they can work for your organization.

Customizations also referred to as CRM extensions, include allocation of simple to complex customizations using CRM Software Development Kit. We can add Entities, Views, Fields, Option Sets, Client Extensions, Web Resources, Processes, Plugin Assemblies, Reports and SLAs, among others. Customization requires an individual to have deep technical and product knowledge. Customizations are often unique to a solution and add new features to meet requirements.

Customization is executed for more important and complex modifications and additional functionality that may be desired to improve business processes. So, there are perplexing functionalities that require custom code for aptness. Also, there are two variations of development – JavaScript and AJAX. These are two types of user interface behaviors that may conjure with a browser or server-side computations that may cause systematic changes to data and processes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to allow system administrators and users the flexibility of customizing and configuring the system to meet their specific needs. Any changes in the organization can be easily accommodated making this application scalable and extensible.

Why Choose Magnifez Technologies for Dynamics 365 Setup and Customization Services?

Why Choose Magnifez Technologies for Dynamics 365 Setup Customization ServicesAt Magnifez Technologies, we have successfully helped numerous clients across the world to smoothly set up and customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their business. Once you partner with our businesses can avail the following benefits.

Affordable Dynamics 365 Setup and Customization Services: Whether you want complete assistance with the setup and migration or just require customization of the Dynamics 365 modules, we will charge you based on your requirements. This makes our services highly affordable

Project Customization & Flexibility: When you choose us, we provide complete functional flexibility and customization with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization services. Such a setup will help your resources to reduce the number of touchpoints and ensure better productivity

Complete Data Security: Magnifez Technologies is the Microsoft Certified CRM company. Which follow strict data security policies and sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that all your sensitive data remains safe with us. Furthermore, security is tightened by not providing access to resources who are not working on your projects. Our robust IT infrastructure is designed to prevent any type of security threat that may occur.

Skilled Resources Across Delivery Centers: Our technical staffs are certified in Dynamics 365 and have relevant experience in providing customized support to global clients. This assures successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup and migration without any complications.

Global Delivery Centers: We understand that clients work on tight deadlines and require prompt and consistent assistance. So, we provide just that with the help of our global delivery centers across different time zones to assure professional and uninterrupted Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization services.

Quick Project Turnaround: By outsourcing Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup and customization services to Flatworld you can be assured of quick setup and customization. We will first understand your requirements to discuss tentative project completion time and provide you with top-quality services well within the stipulated deadline.

Dynamics 365 Customization

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