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I got a project to work on MS Dynamics CRM and in some situation was required third party support because of a difficult task it was very much to business needed… Then I got “Firoz Muhammed’ ” who helped me to success the project as it has some logical process behind the app.

Thanks, Firoz Muhammed – For making the project successful and his help was useful to both me and our company.

Syed Faisal
Syed Faisal

Dynamics 365 Integration Services

Dynamics 365 Integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is aimed at helping organizations operate across locations and countries by standardizing processes, providing visibility across the business, and helping to simplify compliance coupled with stable operational procedures.

Magnifez Technologies has experience in being able to deliver complex integrations across multiple back-end applications has enabled many customers in achieving significant business benefits. Our knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration capabilities coupled with the expertise of building native or middleware based interfaces – has given us exposure in linking Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SAP, Oracle ERP.

Our technical architects work with clients to understand needs and advise the best possible approach, whether real-time or batch, required for their integration needs using the optimal mix of Cloud and traditional technology platforms. Our interfaces are architected and designed to perform optimally across devices and platforms, keeping in mind the nuances of performance and data management.

The Dynamics 365 Customer enables a higher level of customer satisfaction with chat support and loyalty programs that are integrated with the ERP and website. Through a robust delivery offered by Magnifez Technologies, coupled with the quick rollout powered our quality Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration Services, we look ahead to help organizations fulfill their business goals and revenue targets.

Besides helping clients to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a seamless manner, we also ensure their capabilities are directed to achieve greater efficiency, manage the dynamically changing business scenarios, as well as cater to rising needs of optimizing processes and functions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Benefits

  • Optimum performance at elevated load times with zero bottlenecks.
  • Ultimate user experience with task-driven usability specifications.
  • Well-integrated Dynamics 365 suite with quick troubleshooting.
  • The cloud-based model that integrates with CRM and ERP systems.
  • Streamlines workflow of standard as well as ad hoc business tasks.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with Office 365

The Integration of Dynamics 365 with the Office 365 platform empowers users with more scalability and enables greater streamlining and fruitful collaboration among individual tasks as well as group workflows in a secure environment.

User Identity Management:

This is the process for recognizing, authenticating and authorizing the individual user or group entities to gain access to the newly linked system. For accessing the collaborated environment, you must keep yourself logged into the Dynamics 365 Account users. Following the configuration and authentication of the credentials, users are able to use the Microsoft online services including Microsoft Exchange Online and online Dynamics 365.

User Identities (User ID):

User ID or user identities are provisioned by end users in the Microsoft cloud services. All those managed and non-federated users who have registered themselves to create an Office 365 account gain access to the web services by entering their personalized User ID credentials.

Federation of Active Directory Identities:

Using federation, all applications can be connected to the online Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Active Directory-based domain allows users to access the Microsoft Online Services domain. Once the federation is configured, the active-directory-based system user accounts are locally managed, synchronized, and made available to Microsoft Online Services. Thus, Identity Management is useful for large-scale corporations having thousands of established users.

Ease of Identity Management with Microsoft Account: Microsoft Account remains the supported identity provider for online Dynamics 365. The customers of the online Dynamics 365 solution who have not yet subscribed for Office 365 can still access online Dynamics 365 through the Microsoft Account.

Instance Security Groups:

In the event of your organization having multiple online Dynamics 365 instances, you can jumpstart to using those security groups for controlling the licensed users’ population from accessing particular instance or instances.

Geographic Proximity:

The amalgamation of the Dynamics 365 and Office 365 capabilities facilitate a total transformation of the Office ecosystem to the Dynamics 365 platform. Using the transparent Dynamics 365 framework, you can view everything like the status of corporate relationship with your affluent clients, access crucial business information on different files (Excel, Word, PowerPoint); check event calendar from remote destinations and other similar collaborative tasks.

Email Tracking for Non-stop Communication:

The Office 365 email application with its enhanced ability allows you to catch hold of the customer interactions at every level. With email application, all of your email folders are merged into the Dynamics 365 and this enables you to automatically track your outgoing and incoming emails.

Reach out to Magnifez Technologies to initiate your MS Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365 and achieve maximum business integrity.

Dynamics 365 Migration Services

Dynamics 365 migration


Magnifez Technologies aids customers to seamlessly transition their existing version of Dynamics CRM to the latest Dynamics CRM /Dynamics 365. Our strong expertise in Dynamics CRM coupled with experience of migrating CRM instances makes us one of the most reliable CRM partners. We use an onsite-offshore model for CRM migration which also helps our customers to save more than 60% of their costs for their migration purposes. Our expertise across the entire Microsoft suite of products makes us a reliable partner for any kind of support around the software or hardware.

Magnifez Technologies follows a consulting approach during migration which focuses on upgrading the existing Dynamics CRM applications and work towards further betterment of its features & functionality while implementing them. This includes educating customers with the new features on the target version and effectively leveraging them for their business.

Useful Tips for Dynamics 365 Migration

From connecting operations digitally to complete visibility and from real-time information to enhanced customer service, there are numerous ways migration to Dynamics 365 can benefit a business. It is the next generation solution that is equipped to strengthen your business processes. However, for the migration to be a success, stakeholders need to take a more pragmatic approach from the very start. Here are a few things that should be considered before making the move:

Upgrading to the latest version:

Dynamics 356 on-premise will have to be updated to the latest version, as Microsoft doesn’t facilitate a smooth transition, therefore disabling you to skip versions. You can either consider only migrating the data by starting afresh with the new solution or opt for an upgrade.

We help you review and upgrade customizations, ensuring compatibility with Dynamics 365. Moreover, also help identify whether or not the managed solutions are cloud ready.

Choosing the Right Package:

The application is divided into various packages and based on your current architecture, the existing code will be automatically re-baselined into your specific package. A data migration strategy, therefore, needs to be in place, identifying all focus points. Folio 3 can help you select the right package by assessing your business needs when opting for migration to Dynamics 365.

Halting All Developments:

It is important that even after the migration has been completed, instead of bringing about new changes to the solution, the focus should be on embracing the new environment. By doing so you will simplify the migration to Dynamics 365 and work towards a goal which is achievable.

Using a Data Migration Tool:

Using a migration tool can save hours of development and testing time; it will drastically improve the import rate with additional customers. For migration to Dynamics 365, you can consider using a subscription-based tool.

Managing Expectations:

Before migration to Dynamics 365 is considered complete, there will be trail migrations to test if all issues have been addressed. Customers do not expect it to take that long and therefore disruptions to the use of production systems must be avoided to bring about any delays.

Moving to Office 365:

Since Dynamics 365 is administered from the Office 365 console, you should consider switching. You can combine your support changes and user training by doing it at the right time.

Cherishing your Data:

Data management in Dynamics 365 helps organizations stay on track. However, organizations tend to stop regarding the data that has been accumulated, which should not be the case. It is an ongoing process and critical to strategy implementation.

Need For Migrating To Dynamics 365/CRM

Need for migration

Designed for enhanced flexibility, Dynamics 365 serves the purpose of both ERP (Dynamics AX) & CRM (Dynamics CRM). With additional customizations available on Microsoft AppSource, Dynamics 365/CRM is the best strategic choice for the future.

Managing opportunities:

Insights are no longer hard to find, Dynamics 365 provides information about a customer/prospect to enrich customer engagement & improve customer experiences through available historical data.

Mobility features:

Sales, marketing and customer service require accessibility of data for effective service. Microsoft with Dynamics 365 has proposed a mobile-first & cloud-first principle to access data across any device at any time.

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Stack:

With integrations to Microsoft stack like Microsoft SharePoint, OneNote, Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, Skype, and Yammer made possible, you can get a complete solution designed to increase values of your business.

Variety of modules: Microsoft has provided an option to choose and pay for a module that suits your business. Modules include Sales, Customer service, Marketing, Field service etc. which contains features required for efficient functioning of particular businesses.

Insights and Intelligence:

With improved visibility of information, important decisions can be in quick time. With Cortana, Dynamics 365 offers intelligence reports on various sales activities, opportunities and more.

Marketing Automation:

Plan and distribute tasks effectively, manage/schedule campaigns and derive insights to target a prospect/customer in a more personalized manner.

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