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Microsoft Azure ( Cloud Platform)

Dynamics CRM streamlines data and operations processes related to gaining, improving and managing relationships with customers. This product is beneficial to businesses that have high-volume or high-value sales or customer engagement data. Magnifez will ensure that your business selects the right product, implements it most efficiently within the company, and maximizes the software’s benefits with 1-1 customer experience that only a fellow small business can offer.


  • Improve productivity, efficiency and overall performance by optimizing the back-end operations of your business 
  • Improve the value of marketing and sales efforts by gaining audience and market insights, reaching customers across channels, managing digital commerce and creating personalized customer experiences.

Use Cases

Clients adopting CRM software include small, medium and global organizations across multiple industries. The software is typically used for business who struggle to personalize marketing efforts, maintain the quality of data entry, connecting with prospective clients, collaboration and generally managing and gaining leads.

Case Study

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